Terms and conditions


The nature of smudge shop is to be a boutique and offer more or less unique products that are made to order - so there is a very limited return policy where we can refund or replace products that are defective. You have 2 days from the order to cancel your order before it gets to production, and there after you cannot cancel your order. 
Shipping is free, yeiy! Shipment is usually with you in two weeks. If the shipment is not there in three weeks, let me know and let's find out what's wrong. Goods are shipped with local post.
My manufacturing is located in Latvia and USA, if you live in a place where there are customs from these places there might be additional costs from that. Shipment is always sent from the closer location - or the other if there are unforeseen delivery difficulties. 
You can pay either with PayPal or using the most common credit and/or debit cards. 
Data privacy
I care about your privacy data, I have no use for it. However, I accumulate some, and furthermore I have to share it with my service providers to some extent. 
All your customer data is in the shop, "provided" by Shopify - for all I know it is anonymous and is not used but to calculate data traffic. 
Internet browsing data goes to Google, how else?, I use this to follow the traffic on my site. To my best knowledge Google doen't give this away or do anything bad with it. 
Do you wanna know about what data I have about you? Email me and I'll let you know - to be honest, if you haven't ordered anything I don't have anything that could be individually pointed to anyone. 
Please contact me for any questions regarding this policy.
Company name: Smudge Productions
VAT: FI22503274
Address: Pähkinämäenkatu 5, 20100 Turku, Finland
Email: shop@smudge.fi
Phone: 040 4871046 (please don't call me)