About Smudge shop

Smudge shop was built to balance all commissioned corporate work I do. I'm not saying that I don't love my job as a photo and video professional, but to keep things interesting I also have my personal art projects. 

The amount of pictures that are saved on various hard drives is ridiculous and I wish to share the beauty that has been recorded through my lens. Idea for the shop came with the NSFW collection that has been growing inside of me for a very long time, and during autumn 2018 I finally got to shoot the pictures I have been visioning. I wanted to see the pictures in a physical form, and shirts was the first idea for them - if Photografiska in Stockholm is interested, give me a call *cough*.

Soon after I realised that there is so much more that I can give to people the idea of this shop has grown and grown. Now I'm with a endless project of sorting and uploading more and more images for people to enjoy at their homes and bodies.

I'm not looking to get rich with this, I wish that people would enjoy my art in various forms. Please let me know how you like my images.